About Us


1976. The landmark year when Kalanikethan was born with its first ever swanky store of 6,000 square feet right at the heart of most happening city throbbing with brisk business at Besant Road, Vijayawada: the city that flaunts today as a progressive commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The visionary stalwart, Shri V. Venkateswara Rao took successful strides ahead to create success store stories, one after another, with Kalanikethan’s elegant luxury folkloric wear. Then, with the passage of time, the distinctiveness of Kalanikethan traveled far and wide all through the state of Telangana and rest of the entire southern region.

This first-of-its-kind store in Vijayawada showcases a smorgasbord of gorgeous sarees, churidars, ghagra cholis and stunning dress materials, all at rapid replenishments with surprisingly reasonable price tags!

The Kalanikethan Story

Over 4 decades now, Kalanikethan has been creating captivating traditional ethic wear as exquisite adornments for women, men and kids. In fact, dressing up for your very special occasion would remain incomplete sans Kalanikethan’s signature wear.

People across this region discovered a new-founded perspective of enjoyable family shopping. The store at Vijayawada gradually escalated in the realms of space and reputation. Today after a span of 41 years of relentless operation, Kalanikethan has expanded to a sprawling 4, 00,000 square feet and is proven to be the most preferred shopping destination in southern India.

Indeed, the plethora of incessant customers, both in the yesteryears and now, have embraced all the initiatives taken by Kalanikethan and they perennially patronage the store at every walk of its significant growth.

2002. By this time Kalanikethan had already gained an efficacious standing all over the southern- region fashion market, unleashing a novel benchmark in Vijayawada. During the same year, the entire retailing industry became the driving force for business concerns across the globe. This is when trivial retail outlets and single product outlets paved their ways to high-rise shopping malls.

Eminent brands, shopaholics, trendy dress connoisseurs to luxury shoppers, all had vouched the contemporary styles of shopping malls, while the rationale lied in the increasing purchasing power and the underlying spirit that symbolizes progressiveness and distinctiveness.

Already built on the foundation of superior quality, the brand Kalanikethan adapted itself with the change of business time and trends. The brand design philosophy became more eloquent, immaculate, fresh, and exotic with innovative silhouettes.

Kalanikethan has unlimited expansion story.

The Management

At a very early age of just 16 years, Mr. V. Rajendra Kumar, fondly known as Raja, began assisting his father who taught him the merchandising strategies. Now at the age of 49, possesses deep insights in marketing and financial possibilities for a relevant project.

He has the excellence in the best of both worlds: art and commerce. His profound creative half has resulted in creating the brilliant brand: Kalanikethan. And further to this, to pull up the younger genre he came up with Woman’s World and to honor the traditional genus he shaped Kanchipuram VRK Silks.

Amid the ultra-dynamic and the accelerating fashion industry, he squarely shoulders the responsibility of the company’s vast marketing network which includes 40 branches and a workforce to the tune of 2,100 people. Having set a benchmark, over the yesteryear's, the visionary Mr. Raja firmly believes in the quality of honoring commitments and making the brand eternal.

At the same breath, Mr. V. Nagabhushanam, affectionately known as Chanti, started sharing his father’s responsibilities too, at a very young age of 19 years. Now at the age of 47, Mr. Chanti possessing an insatiable design curiosity, has made a profound niche in the world of amazing trousseau for elite weddings.

Over the years, he has utilized his deep experience and reflective knowledge in textiles to bring forth this stunning level of fame for each store. He has designed umpteen brands that are now household names. His rare business acumen has enabled him to present brilliant retailing strategies and versatile burgeoning plans.

In a bid to make the best combination of art and commerce in the creative world of fashion, Mr. Chanti is instrumental in making Kalanikethan a thriving business with innumerable outlets all across South India and with a myriad of brand loyal customers.

The Network

With 40 shopping malls pinned all across the southern region, Kalanikethan has won and is still winning millions of hearts in places like: Bengaluru, Bhimavaram, Chennai, Coimbatore, Eluru, Ernakulam, Guntur, Hanmakonda, Kakinada, Khammam, Kurnool, Nellore, Ongole, Rajahmundry, Srikakulam, Thrissur, Tirupati, Vijayanagaram, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam.

The aeon of time has led the highly reputed brand name: Kalanikethan to be a perennial household name and a common parlance in the world of enriched fashion culture.

Kalanikethan relevantly spends considerable amount for consistent awareness and promotional tasks, especially in the realms of print media and production. Almost all the shopping malls bear the store-architect of our beautiful Indian folklore with the essence of south Indian aesthetics. The shops are well-designed to be shopper-friendly with easy navigation for those elegant selections, enabling the traffic flow to smoothly browse the exquisite collections.

Kalanikethan  has incessantly moved ahead with successful strides and has thus touched the turnover to the tune of 400 INR crores during the fiscal year, ending March 2017. The fascinating future is envisaged with endless array of possibilities that elate millions of lives, every day.

Meanwhile, Kalanikethan paves the way for top enterprising persons to partner with them. To become relevant brand partners. If you pose yourself to be one of them, please feel free to contact us at the earliest.

The Vision Ahead

The successful journey continues as Kalanikethan has become a significantly predominant occasion-wear choice for the luxury shoppers across the region, pinned in 40+ locations with a workforce of 2,100 people. The flourishing plans began in a humble way, way back in 2002.

Kalanikethan has now unequivocally reached the higher avenues of exquisite fad. Albeit, there are many more stories yet to unfold with immense hope, dreams and ambitions. The journey continues.